14.11.2022 - TROY BULLETIN
NOV 07 – NOV 14 / 2022 

Precious metals have been in an uptrend for several weeks. We observed that this trend continues this week. Inflation data and Consumer Price Index announced in the US were welcomed by gold and silver. Trading volumes were also high at Borsa Istanbul.

Last week, gold had a lucrative week. Gold recorded its highest level at 1750 usd/oz level at Borsa Istanbul. The closing was the same as the highest. Compared to last week, yellow metal gained 5,5% value. Totally 14,6 MT gold changed hands at Borsa Istanbul. It was a pretty good trading volume. After Borsa session closed, gold continued to rise and recorded the level of 1771 usd/oz at international markets.

Silver’s move parallel with gold. Silver recorded its highest level at 21,04 usd/oz level at Borsa Istanbul. White metal finished the week at nearly the same level as its high. This means that silver gained 7,1% of its value. This high value gain also pleased investors. Silver trading volume was 29,5 MT at Borsa Istanbul.

Borsa İstanbul started its Monday session calmly. Transaction premiums have been on a downward trend since last week. LBMA good delivery bars are being trading at Borsa Istanbul.