15.08.2022 - TROY BULLETIN

AUGUST 08 – AUGUST 15 / 2022 

Inflation data announced in the USA caused an increase in precious metals. The fact that inflation did not increase supported precious metals.

Gold recorded its highest level at 1805,50 usd/oz level at Borsa Istanbul. Thus, after the past weeks, gold exceeded the level of 1800 usd/oz. The closing was 1790,35 usd/oz level. Despite this, yellow metal gained 0,61 value. Totally 8,9 MT gold changed hands at Borsa Istanbul. After Borsa session closed, gold reached until 1803,64 usd/oz level at international markest.

Silver had also profitable week at Borsa Istanbul. Silver recorded its highest level at 20,42 usd/oz level. White metal completed the week almost the same level with the highest. This means that silver gained 2,47% of its value. Silver transaction volume was 9,7 MT at Borsa Istanbul.

Borsa İstanbul started its Monday morning session with a bit of activity. Premium transactions up to 6 usd/oz.  LBMA good delivery bars are being trading at Borsa Istanbul. You can catch this market advantage. Direct access to Borsa Istanbul via Goldtakas is very easy. You can call us for more information +90 212 465 65 70.