12.09.2022 - TROY BULLETIN
SEP 05 – SEP 12 / 2022 

Gold and silver had a week of recovery. The European central bank's interest rate decision and the fluctuations in the euro value ultimately resulted in a positive week. Gold recorded its highest level at 1735,25 usd/oz level at Borsa Istanbul. The closing was 1732 usd/oz level. Compared to last 2 weeks, gold gained 1,55% value. Gold transaction volume was also high as 14,7 MT at Borsa Istanbul. After Borsa session closed, gold caught on the sales wave and rolled down until 1717 usd/oz level.

Silver had an also lucrative week at Borsa Istanbul. Silver recorded its highest level at 18,80 usd/oz level . White metal completed the week at its highest level. This means that silver gained 5,6% of its value. Totally 23,9 MT silver changed hands at Borsa Istanbul.

At Borsa Istanbul, premiums continue to fluctuate. Currently, premiums vary between 6-8,2 usd/oz. LBMA good delivery bars are being trading at Borsa Istanbul. You can also be a part of this lucrative market. Direct access to Borsa Istanbul via Goldtakas is very easy. You can call us for more information +90 212 465 65 70.