Turkey's first BORSA ISTANBUL integrated online physical trading system GOLDTAKAS
One of the most reputable brokerage of Borsa Istanbul, Troy Precious Metals Trading developed GOLDTAKAS and by this way Borsa Istanbul Precious Metals markets doors opened to all global and domestic investors and gold sector market players. BORSA ISTANBUL integrated GOLDTAKAS, provides to all Troy clients physical Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium buying selling opportunity with Free Metal Acc. Gold investors will have the advantage of buying-selling at both Borsa Istanbul and GrandBazaar.    
Buy with "Free Market" price Online
Gold investors and Account owners will have the chance to compare Borsa Istanbul prices and Grandbazaar prices. Sometimes there is price differences in the markets, so Troy clients will have the chance to use the most advantage market. Physical Buying-Selling are realized with online transactions. 
There is also Silver market. Turkey is a very huge and strong market for Gold & Silver. All kind of LBMA GR Bars, small ingots and bars are avaliable at Goldtakas.